Monday, 10 July 2006


could be the title of this (finished woohoo!!) fabric/applique handstitched piece. I began this at the Janet Bolton workshop I went to in Bristol way back in April (it was the end of April, but thats still a long time ago I admit).

It was loosely, or perhaps not so loosely as it has turned out, based on one of Esmes drawings. well, 2 of Esmes drawings, the second pic inspired the colours and feel as well.

I kind of wanted to leave the smiley mouths off altogether, but with no mouths the people looked very menacing so, although cooler without, I decided to add the mouths right at the end. I knew that otherwise it would always freak me out and I would not be able to have it on the wall!

so, now they look like they are playing hide-and-seek or tiptoeing past sleeping babies rather than up to the house to scare those inside!!! Much better.

I am glad I took my time on this, I am pleased with how it turned out, now all I have to do is frame it. I am having mounting/framing difficulties at the moment, I can't get the frames I want. I made my husband drive us to Ikea this afternoon on a frame hunt, but they didn't have what I want in the right size, and dont even make them that size any more, sigh. I think I can get them in Habitat (for twice the cost) so that will have to do.


Ali said...

That's charming - you caught the essence of her picture so beautifully.

Good luck on the frame hunt - why is framing so expensive?

weirdbunny said...

Glad to see they are finished Hannah. Oh I wished you'd shown everyone what it looked liked without the mouths. But your right You can't scare youself everytime you look at it, and Esme would heve been cross.

ilr said...

I knew you'll do something beautiful. It's so cute! And I love to see the originals. Has Esme told you what where the drawings about?