Wednesday, 26 July 2006

just a kid swap arrived!!

great excitement in our house this morning as the postman arrived with a large parcel covered in Hello Kitty stickers!

a good distraction too, as the kids ripped each and every sticker from the outer wrapper, I was able to sneak away and open the goodies inside in the corner by myself! here's what I found:

All wrapped up lovely, with bear labels on each mini-parcel. opened up:

the consumables

the littlest things (the clip is handmade)

things for making (check out the cute ribbon annd fabric!)

other faves, cute retro mirror and fab funky plasters

thankyou Jovanna, you spoiled me, and I will have to keep all this hidden from the kids!!


weirdbunny said...

That's just up your street Hannah. You've posted loads this week!

Anonymous said...

I feel so glad right now.
I'm smiling! :D
TY soooo much for appreciating!
I'll let u know bout yours very soon.
It's bean really funny...maybe cause I'm a kidult, u know :)

Jo aka Tirabaralla