Friday, 22 December 2006

lucky me

Another day trailing around town trying to get christmas sorted. I was pleased though to find this book at a discount -opened just for christmas- bookshop, especially after I had been lusting after this nativity set earlier in the week. I bought it for myself, as it was only £2. It has the christmas story with a tiny cardboard pop our nativity scene to play with as well, and arent those little angels so sweet??

I have had some pressies too, My friend Julia, (who is blogging again, pop over and say hello!) and I always set a christmas challenge present, where we decide a theme and buy each other gifts each christmas. She gave me my pressies on wednesday, and this year our theme was (kitsch) religious items/charity shop /market finds. She found some jems too, 2 little framed vintage postcards (you can see one on her blog, my photos came out awful) and then the sound of music on vinyl 7 inch, and 2 more vinyl records, The trumpt of the Lord and Harry Seacombe!!!

I got her presents today and am pretty happy wih my finds, hope she likes them too.

Last, but definitely not least, I got a candyswap parcel in the post today!! We swapped at the end of October, but the first parcel Sibille sent me got lost in the post and never arrived, so disappointing, but she was very lovely and sent me another parcel. I have just been tucking into the amaretto milka and it is lovely (and gone!!). Thanks again Sibille!


Lindsey said...

That is such a cute book - and a bargain too! What nice swaps :)

Mirre said...

Great deal on the Dick Bruna book... lucky you!!