Saturday, 23 December 2006

paper doll garlands

its nearly christmas now!! last night we travelled up to Granny and Grandpas house in North Wales, where we will be spending christmas this year. The children were so excited to be coming here and to be with their grandparents and with their cousin Ana and their auntie and uncle too.

today we have had a fairly relaxed day, the children really enjoyed making the garland of paper dolls and decorating them with card and paper clothes made from grannies stash!!( and the mummies had fun too!).We like the way when we hung the garland on the wall, the people look like they are crossing the road in the picture.

and we have eaten lots of yummy food already, more to come I am sure.

tonight I am hoping to sew Lauries pirate hat, a quickish project I have had sitting around for several weeks waiting to be done. there is talk of a visit to the mountain zoo tomorrow and I have a feeling it will be chilly there, he will be needing it.

well, I am off now to play homemade 'deal or no deal' with everyone else here - hubby has found that those matchboxes have come in handy for more than just advent activity ideas!!


mig bardsley said...

wonderful paper dolls Hannah.
Happy christmas to all the family :)
xxx mig.

weirdbunny said...

Oh Hannah how wonderful, at first I thought those paper dolls were actually hanging across the street outside for real.. so funny!!!

ilr said...

I agree that the mums have as much fun as the kids making these!