Sunday, 24 December 2006

pirate hat ready

As hoped I finished the hat in time for the trip to the mountain zoo. The skull and crossbones are vintage blanket wool felt appliqued onto the (shop bought, as my knitting is nowhere near this level!) stripey hat. I googled for jolly roger images and found one like this here at Hello Yarn (thankyou!!), so i drew a quick pencil sketch of it and then just cut it from the blanket freehand.

Cute enough for a little pirate I am sure you will agree.


weirdbunny said...

That hat is brilliant. So the vintage wollen blanket has come into use already! Do you wish you'd bought the other one as well now?
I'm so enjoying ready the book on saints that you bought me. Every visitor we've had I've shown them the postcards you bought me with the writing on the backs of them!! How stange to put postcards into the charity shop with such personal information on the back. Had there been more for sale there? Ypou'll have to tell me which charity shop they were from. I'm desperate to know is peter really did overcome his depression by playing sport, or whether he'd recovered by the time the post card arrived to him, as the sender had hoped....!!! Merry Christmas Hannah - Love from Julia xxxxxx - Ellis thought that Jesus Rocks gum was supurb.... :)

anamama said...

Beautiful hat for a bautiful boy.

Anonymous said...

Top hat!! Hope your festivities were jolly.

weirdbunny said...

Hannah me again! I've tagged you with a meme that I've compiled called Easter or Christmas. It's on my blog dated 27th.12.06

Anonymous said...

Where can I find a stripy hat like that? My boys love the pirate skull!

Hope you have enjoyed Christmas with you and yours ;)