Friday, 29 December 2006

been and gone


and gone!

Well, I have been browsing the photos we took over christmas, just a few you know, like 490, yes four hundred and ninety photos collectively, and trying to sum up the lovely time we had. I have tried a few times to write this post, and failed, so I was pretty relieved today to see my sister in law Anamama has done a brilliant job!!! if you want to see more of our christmas festivities pop on over and take a look.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

Thank you for the lovely photo of Esme, Laurie and Lucie you included in your Christmas card. I have been a regular visitor to your site since you sent me the URL, together with that of your your sister-in-law and Andrew's brother whose blogs I found a link too - Richard and I like what we read on one less car! It's lovely to keep up to date with the goings on in the Powell household and I am v.jealous of your seemingly wonderful life playing with your children and making crafts! Time well spent methinks! Anyway, Happy New Year to you from us!

Angela x

ilr said...

Who made all that mess???

ellia said...

hahahha, that is funny that you took so many!!! but wonderful too- and its great that you have a sister in law who blogs too :D

it looks like you all had a fantastic time!! and to the zoo too :D wow!!

happy new year hannah