Wednesday, 3 January 2007

christmas or easter meme

Weirdbunny tagged me with this meme days ago, but we have been here there and everywhere, and two of my children have been ill with a mystery virus, so I have not had much chance to get on the computer. so, I thought I had better do it now, after all my decorations are still up, including the pink barbie tree from Nanna for Esmes room which I only rebuilt in situ this morning!!!

Do you prefer Spring or Winter?
I like winter when it snows, but it exciting to see all the new buds and new life that spring brings with it.

Bunnies and chicks, or robins and reindeer?
robins and reindeer, they stir up childhood memories and the joys of christmas

Lamb or turkey dinner?
umm, neither, all veggies here!

Santa or the Easter bunnie?

Sacks of presents, or easter egg hunts around the garden?
Sack of presents, hardly anyone buys me easter eggs, I have to buy them for myself (or eat the kids ones!!)

Easter tree of Christmas tree?
both are cool , but we go all out on a big christmas tree that involves removing furniture to have room, and it is much more of an event, going to get the tree, putting on the lights, decorations etc

Dafodils or holly?
daffodils, holly is a bit prickly and I get twitchy about the berries and how appetising they might appear to my smallest child.

Easter eggs or tin of quality street?
both please! I love how now the cadburys creme egg production period begins before christmas, cant get enough of them!!

Easter or Christmas?

I'm tagging Anamama but I think I have left it a bit late to tag anyone else. if you are reading this and havent been tagged but would like to be, consider yourself tagged too!!

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Lindsey said...

I thought I had left a comment about the handmade gifts but obviously not! silly me. I enjoyed julia's meme and love your answers :)