Saturday, 6 January 2007

Winter W...where? shhh its a secret

today I planned a surprise after-dark outing.

Esme was desperate for me to tell her where we would be going and what the surprise was, but I managed to resist telling her, I almost whispered it in her ear at one point but managed to whisper instead " you are smelly and Daddy is smelly" sending her into fits of giggles.

I escaped to the shops for a few hours first leaving everyone else at home, mmmm, sales...they joined me once darkness fell so we could see the surprise in all its sparkly goodness.

it was of course Cardiffs Winter Wonderland, which ends this weekend, and where the children have been wanting to visit since the beginning of December when it first appeared, with all its lights and ice skating and big sparkly old fashioned fair rides, the Big Wheel, the Carousel, the Helter Skelter, fantastic, and all set against the impressive backdrop of the Museum of Wales and City Hall. What fun!! We of course had to have many a turn on each ride.

Unfortunately although the camera came on the trip (after a hasty reminder phone-call while shopping) the battery was dead, leaving us with only my new and cheap phone (how does it work, why is everything upside down) I get pretty cross when faced with new technology that I am not interested in (ie that I havent bought for myself).

immaterial really now as blogger is not letting me post photos tonight, after all my effort!

Maybe I can add something tomorrow, we will see. {photos now added!!}

In other news, I have set myself the arduous task of trying to find the best dark chocolate/ginger-combo bar out there. this follows Thorntons recent (ish) withdrawal of their little ginger choc bars, surely the best choccy bar of all time??? why oh why??? anyway, I have been sampling Green and Blacks ginger and Thorntons dark choc with ginger, results so far are inconclusive, more testing must be done.....

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ilr said...

Green and Blacks is the best! Still not in love with your new/so wanted phone? I so understand.