Sunday, 14 January 2007

borrowed a dog...

today the weather was lovely, so this afternoon we decided to go for a walk. we took our neighbours dog, just because she was outside when we were setting off and looked like she wanted to come!! So, please meet Wendy, our new (borrowed) dog. Esme said on the way, now we are like The Simpsons because we have a dog and a cat. hmm. It was pretty muddy underfoot, especially if you happen to be a tantrum throwing roll in the mud one-and-a-half year old (naming no names).

Wendy was returned home several hours later looking like both she and her pink leather diamond studded collar and lead needed a bath. why do dogs come in white??

Other stuff, I got these books in the library sale the other day.

I like Kate Atkinson, but havent read this book, and hadnt heard of the other two but they sounded readable, I paid £1.10 for all 3 of them, pretty good huh? And yes, I know the library has books you can borrow for free, but I always forget to take them back in time and have to pay fines, so really it is better to buy them!!


Lindsey said...

What great fun in the fresh air!

I've just been to the libary and bought two books on shoes & bags but mine were 80p so you got the bargain Hannah :)

weirdbunny said...

Look how big wendy is now so adorable!!
Look at Lucie's coat !! She's definately benn rolloing around in the mud !!!

Kelli said...

You'd only be the Simpson's if your dog's name was "Santa's Little Helper."