Thursday, 18 January 2007

nice slow day at home

The weather is still terrible here, so much so that I kept the children home from school today, they have colds and we have to walk to school, they would have been so wet and windswept by the time we got there, that I took one look out of the window this morning and thought, nah. I would rather stay in than go out in that, not to mention the falling/flying debris, roof tiles, bins etc out there.

So we have had a lovely slow day at home. The children helped bake the soda bread hedgehog above (that looks a bit like a mouse) for lunch, then this afternoon we all sat and made pictures using this idea (a bit loosely).

First the children and I coloured in a sheet of paper each, we used coloured pencil crayons rather than the suggested ink, these ones, which are so lovely and chunky and smooth to use. I just said colour it in, and they did the rest. I did help laurie as he asked me to about halfway through when his arm got tired (he did the pink, I did the red).

then we cut up our sheets of paper (Esmes was the multicoloured, Lauries the pink and red and mine the green) into bits. this was good as well for the children to practice cutting. Next, we glued them onto white paper. here are the results.

This one is mine, you saw it before up top

The children gave theirs titles, so here is "Monster" by Laurie

"In the night" by Esme

"Mummy lying on the sofa" by Laurie (when do I get to do that???)

and "the Mushroom House" by Esme.

we cheated a bit as we used colours and shared each others shapes and papers, but it was fun and we all enjoyed it.


penelope said...

Oh, I'm so glad you did it, too! Looks like you and your kids had a good time... the results are so pretty! :)

susanna said... cute are they??

Lindsey said...

What great little artists you've got :)

anamama said...

Fantastic joined effort!