Wednesday, 28 March 2007

one last time

Here is a bit of my finished blossom branches (blogged for the last time I assure you!), sorry about the fuzzyish photo, the light is not good in my dining room, and it is actually in my window but those photos didnt work at all.

When I went out to collect branches from my usual place and trees, the pussy willow, which is usually not out at all at this time of year, looked like this:

So I had to rethink, as it was so far on and all full of pollen. I found some other branchy tree, but on pulling down a high branch I discovered it had thorns (ouch). So I had to snip off all the prickles. I am happy with it now though, and along with the fine weather we have been having it makes everything feel like springtime has arrived.


Mirre said...

The blossom looks great against that red wall!

weirdbunny said...

Ta-da ! Good to see the finished result Hannah. Spring has certainly arrived, although apparently there was snow in Aberdare today according to a woman in Wolworths !