Monday, 5 March 2007

look what came in the post!


As modelled by the most fantastically strawberry scented dolly borrowed from my daughter for the photo, she was sitting on the windowsill and every time i see her I have to pick her up and sniff, she smells great. She loves chocolate too, she even has a chocolate scented dog!

The chocolate has come from Maria, also in the UK, for the latest round of Candyswappers. Thankyou Maria!!! Lots of yummy goodness from Thorntons, you might be able to tell I have already eaten the littlest bar!! She is way ahead of me, as I am usually a posting-on-the-deadline girl and havent sent out my parcel yet, but be patient dear Maria, it will be on its way this week!
It is so great that Candyswappers is up and running again, as this is the first swap since autumn, and now with a new co-ordinator Amber.

We also got a new toy at the weekend, and, as Hubby has pointed out, it doubles as a mirror too look.


weirdbunny said...

You've finally got the new laptop you wanted !! I new it wouldn't be long untill you got your own way !!
Fantastic that candyswappers is up and running again.

Lindsey said...

Very nice laptop indeed! You will be able to sit back and relax blogging in your favorite chair :)

ilr said...

Glad you got a laptop at last. Got that cushion at the back. Such a great taste you have.