Saturday, 24 March 2007

spinning it out

oops, so we havent got round to getting twigs yet, but i thought you might like to see how pretty the white blossom looks in its bowl, nevertheless.

Busy doing nothing today, or so it has felt. We went to ikea for lunch, I bought a new muffin tin and some washing-up brushes, oh and a new smoke alarm, and thats about it. They had nothing Easter-y in, which was disappointing. We ate our lunch on a table next to a new mum who talked loudly and incessantly to her baby in high pitched motherese, completely driving me crazy, was I ever annoying like that? no im sure I didn't gush at my babies in public.

I have just been bought a cup of tea, it is green tea with mint, and is a different brand I am trying. This brand reminds me of my Grandads house, and I haven't been able to think quite why, it has a smell that haven't been able to place, until just now. It smells of fresh mint as you chop it to make mint sauce to accompany Roast Lamb sunday dinner. Rather disconcerting considering I have been vegetarian for 18 years, but funny how smells and tastes stick in our minds over time.

Today I got this cute (and big) postcard through the post from Megan of Beetlegrass. It really is sweet, Red Riding Hood looks rather worried, like she knows what might be about to happen to her. I love the toadstools, and her knobbly knees! You should go and check out all the finger puppets she has been making recently, I love all the googly eyes on Mcfly, Thanks again Megan!!


Lindsey said...

I love Meg's illustrations and all these pretty flowers you've been making!

I remembered the hat the other day and the fact that I have not found you an owl yet. My thrifting so far has left me owl-less :(

Lindsey said...

Back again as I have just checked out - owls for you to check out!

weirdbunny said...

Talking of smells, I stayed the night at an elderly realatives house sat night. The whole house had a wonderful smell of talc, and pictures of Jesus in his 'victorian look' every where. It doesn't get much better than that !!!! hee- Hee

African Kelli said...

Hannah, those blooms are so pretty! Nice work. :)

Gina said...

Love the pretty paper flowers. And what a fun postcard!