Monday, 21 May 2007

Ahh, a sunny day

Painting is so much better when it can be done outdoors. This was todays after-school activity, Esme always likes there to be something planned, I usually get in trouble on the walk home from school for not having thought of something for that day 'but Mum, thats what you are supposed to think of during the day...' like I have no better things to do - while the coffee shop and bakery remain open, mummy is a busy woman!

And of course then there are charity shops, and more goodies to be had there. Look what fell into my pushchair basket today.

I know, I know, I bought cups and saucers just last week, do I really need more? my husband will go mad when he sees them, I got told off for the first lot. But, he broke a saucer yesterday, so Im one down already, and these are green, and they have side plates, no, CAKE plates. And its typical, I have been looking for cups and saucers for so long, and finding nothing, then 2 great retro designs in one week. Of course they didn't fall into my basket, I did pay for them, but they were only £2.79 for all 6 like this, and I saw them last friday and didn't get them, and they were still waiting for me today, so I thought it must be meant to be. The plates had a price on too, but she wouldn't charge me extra for them. Now I just have to bring them out of hiding, when its safe!

I also took my long overdue library books back, paid up my fines, and found this book in the ex-libris box for 20p

Original Red Riding Hood?? I remember this book from when I was small, and it has great illustrations, Granny gets taken cake and wine, eaten whole, and the wolf gets filled with stones and dies at the end. I will put more photos of the illustrations on flickr, go and look, they are great.

I have so much to say today, we had a hectic weekend filled with parties, I have to go through the photos, so more on that tomorrow maybe. In the mean time, look at the present I had from my Brother and Sister in law, there is a great little chocolate shop just yards from their house, and they bought me all these yummy bars (they know me well!!)


weirdbunny said...

Your doing really well on the teas sets now Hannah ! Hope you don't intend on eating all that chocolate yourself .... - Julia x

Locket Pocket said...

What a good mummy to have after school activities planned - my children always want to know what's for tea on the way home but I don't usually know until 10 minutes before I give it to them - loads of foward planning! lucy

Anonymous said...

this book is really great. i have it too, in germany. i just love the illustrations of this artist! good taste you have :-)
oh, and about the chocolates. a friend once introduced me to this lavender chocolate. it's wonderful! what a pity that it's made with milk (i became vegan). enjoy your delights!

Gina said...

What a life you've got there!