Friday, 18 May 2007


I had been looking for a picture for my blog today, but now it seems immaterial as blogger isn't letting me add a photo tonight. thankyou to those who gave me blogs for the dress on the last post, it was The Mayfly where I got the patternand I had also seen it here originally, printed out so long ago I had forgotten.

I went to a local creperie today in celebration of my birthday, which is tomorrow, with friends from school and all the pre-school age kids we have collectively, 8 adults and 7 two and three year olds!! I think it took the owner/chef by surprise a bit, even though I had booked last night, he had to run around a lot as he was cooking and serving on his own. I should have taken my camera, as the food was very pretty and tasted yummy too.

Tomorrow we are going to a wedding party, and the next day is lauries birthday party, he was 4 earlier in the week, so its all party party party here!!! must go now and survey the crisps and cake situation!!


Bonny said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Hannah!!!

Woo Hoo! You'll be busy celebrating and having more parties. I hope you'll post some photos on your Blog... looking forward to seeing those!

Have a super, fantastic day!



Anonymous said...

Its a bit late but... Happy Birthday Hannah :)