Monday, 7 May 2007

WIP-been crocheting

Last week Julia gave me a little present, this book. I have been trying to make the dress for Lucie. I am not very good at crochet though, I only learnt a few years ago, and have never really got going with it.

I am also very bad at following instructions, or indeed sticking to them, I have a rebellious nature, i can't help it.

So, anyone with half an eye for crochet will see I havent been following the pattern, but rather making it up as I go along. I did try, but I couldnt understand it, so I undid a lot, and have simplified it. I do one row of the holey pattern, followed by 2 rows of half double crochets. this gives me a repeat of 3 rows rather than the 9 they were suggesting. seems to have worked so far, but then I hit another problem. I ran out of yarn!

I am using Patons cotton rich in apple(I know the pic doesnt look like apple, but the light must have been bad), and I do have another ball of this SOMEWHERE?? I bought it from ebay and cant see any online today, so I need to extend my search of the house for it!


anamama said...

Looking forward to seeing the end result. Love the colour. Very summery.

weirdbunny said...

Well done Hannah, it looks beautiful - love Julia x

Locket Pocket said...

Hi Hannah - one of my ambitions is to be able to crochet - not clever big things like clothes but little things like flowers etc. I have learnt how to crochet straight and I have been looking out for a (cheap) children's crochet book as I think that is where I will find the smaller quirkier projects. I am busy sewing the strips for my 365 quilt at the moment which is unusually organised for me! My sewing machine is on the blink so I am using my grandmother-in-law's old Husqvarna and it is great - I'd forgotten how good it was! Keep up the good work - I love checking out your blog but don't quite understand flickr yet!