Wednesday, 9 May 2007

"there's something good...."

Do you ever get that feeling that there is something good just waiting for you? Today as I walked past one of the local charity shops I had just that feeling.

So, I went inside, to look what it might be. I have been looking for some nice retro or vintage cups and saucers for ages, so thats what I was hoping for, but I looked and there wasn't really anything that caught my attention. I mooched around, and found an embroidered tablecloth, nothing too exciting, but maybe that was it, it was cheap. so I took it up to pay, and behind the till, I saw these!

I speeded round, was amazed at the price tag, and grabbed them quick! There were 6 saucers but only 5 cups, and now they are mine! They are british mde china and quite delicate, and such a pretty shape (that was hard to catch on the photographs) , they arent like the clunky opaque glass or stoneware cups you sometimes see in a similar printed design. And no chips or cracks. And all for only £1.99!!!
So now I am happy, and you can come round for tea and cake if you like, I'm ready!!


Bonny said...

What fabulous treasures you found! I love those beautiful cups! I can just make out the lines in the porcelain and I know that particular style is more delicate than it looks. Lucky you!


Dana said...

Aren't they just lovely?! You are lucky to have found them. Enjoy your tea and cake.

Locket Pocket said...

When can I come for tea and cake then? It isn't that far from Newcastle to Wales is it????? Glad you're happy with your purchase - enjoy them!! Lucy

P.S. What flavour cake???10