Tuesday, 1 May 2007

blackboard projects

A while back i saw this great idea for canvas squares painted in blackboard paint, so you can draw your own pictures for the walls and change them whenever you like.

Yesterday I painted 4 of these square mdf pictures I had hanging around (originally modern art things from ikea that i dont know why i bought) for my daughters room. look, we got pink blackboard paint, she approves.

after I had painted them there was paint left so I started looking for more things to paint.

like a half-wall in the playhouse outside. also a great success!!! I had to paint the rest of the insides of the playhouse white then, to brighten it up and make it pretty.

Now I got paint on my jeans and I think I am over my painting spree.


Berber said...

What a great idea! And PINK blackboardpaint... fantastic!!

anamama said...

love it!

weirdbunny said...

Is it just matt pink paint you've used, or proper black board paint?

I bet the kids are thrilled !

hannah said...

proper pink blackboard paint, from B&Q!!!

Bonny said...

Great idea! How come our blackboards in school weren't like this? It would have made learning more fun!

Nanette said...

Came across your blog browsing. These pictures are soo cute and such a great idea.