Wednesday, 2 August 2006

a few photos

now that blogger has calmed down and stopped having tantrums. a few photos from the weekend. you could also go and visit migs blog (lovely host of the party) and her daughter frans blog, we realised over the weekend that several of us kept blogs and there was a freaky little while at the party where many of our blogs were checked out. so, visit theirs, and please continue and read mine, but not right in front of me, as it is a little alarming. (I am looking away now, you can carry on...)

anyway, the pics, above is a general scene from the weekend, in fact it looks pretty quiet here, there must be a few people playing Aunt Sally.

or just relaxing.

of course I dont have so much to say now, most of my decentish pics have gone to flickr already.

we camped for the weekend, as I think I mentioned before. I loved how our tent was under a walnut tree.

as a child I used to go with my mum and my brother and pick walnuts from the trees in the fields across from our house. our old walnut trees were all together, but it was always a bit exciting and scary as they were in the same field as the witches house. not that it was a real witches house, of course, just an empty deserted ramshackle place. but it was odd, all alone in that field, and there were many stories attached to the house and the brook that ran alongside. we used to enjoy picking the walnuts, I remember peeling back the skins, like smooth conkers, to reveal the nut inside, all soft and green in its shell, It stained your fingers and peeling too many made them sore but the nuts were so yummy and fresh and crunchy and we loved them.

so, here are some from the weekend, not ready for picking yet, still green.

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weirdbunny said...

What a lovely childhood you had hannah. You need to put on the picture of the brothers juggling with fire.