Thursday, 10 August 2006

loopy bunny

Meet loopy bun, I dont think you have been formally (or informally, most of you for that matter) introduced. she lives in the toybox, or often on the floor (come on, let your kids play with your softies!!) and sometimes sneaks out into the garden (eek!!).

I can't believe I have forgotten to show her here before now, as I made her back in the spring. I only realised today that I had no photos of her (until today).

I was chatting to Julia about blogging and life in general, and she told me about this site. when I went I remembered I had been there before, its a great site.

so, I was browsing through to see if there were any books/projects I had. I saw this book, remembered loopy bun, and was about to add a pic to the flickr tags, but... no pics, no computer record of her at all! I made her in spring colours, she is lightly stuffed so she is pretty floppy and has no buttons so Lucie can play with her safely. After I made her I altered the pattern (quite a lot) and made this bunny with a similar dress.

I really like the book and want to make more from it too.

here is another pic, we were trying to recreate the front cover!

now to go put her on flickr...


frangelita said...

kgdAgain, very impressed with your craftiness.

carrster said...

Oh I just love it! (him? her?) Adorable. Maybe softies will be my "next" project...hmmmmm

weirdbunny said...

You are a lovely mummy letting all your softies go into the toy box, no doubt with bits of old toast and half sucked biscuits and crisps. Aren't the bottom of toy boxes gross with toddlesr!!!!!

Anonymous said...

From where I'm sitting, there's only one Loopy Bunny in that house.

I wish you were as caring with my toys. For an art & craft lover graffitiing football sticker albums was a low blow.