Friday, 1 December 2006

Always a bit behind.

Finally, it is back!! and so I am back. and wow, it is December already.

The matchboxes above are supposed to be pretty boxes with fun activities in like this, however it is the first day of December and I only just got them today. so that is me, always a bit behind. But hey, they are pretty cool and pop-art, I might just keep them plain, and I am already further on than last year when I just saw them and thought about doing it.

So, what have I been doing during all my computer down-time? well, not an awful lot, I have read a couple of books.
this one

and this one

I have been involved in the making of 16 angel costumes for school (nasty silver fabric, very cross, best to say no more).

I havent finished even one of the UFOs that i thought I might have done.

And thats about it. mostly I have moped about.

Anyway, now it is advent and that is exciting. I cannot wait for the local shop on the hill to get in their locally grown christmas trees so I can go down with the children and choose one and carry it home. I also cannot wait for the decorations to come down from the attic and be rediscovered for this year. Christmas is pretty fun, especially with three small children around to help with the preparations and to get excited about it all.


e.marie said...

The matchbook activities are so cool! Thanks for sharing.

African Kelli said...

Happy advent to you Ms. Hannah! I love the matchbook ideas too. I made Advent calendars for my friends for the holidays this year.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Here we are on the second of December and I still haven't landed on an idea for our advent calendar. Sheesh.

Can't wait to see that angel costumes, silver fabric and all!

Berber said...

Good to have you back!
Christmas preparations are fun!!

anamama said...

It's great to read you again! I'm keen to see your christmas decorations up.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Hannah!