Friday, 5 January 2007

handmade christmas gifts #1

I wanted to show you some of the handmade things our family received this year. I will be showing more in the next week or so.

My sister in law Isabel of Anamama made all these, really cute bunnies (from Wee wonderful pattern book) with bags. She made one for each of the girls, and a matching bag for me. I love the fabric and colours she chose, really nice, and she is pretty new to the whole making/sewing thing too!! My bag has been used for storing books that I was given for christmas, until yesterday, when it got its first outing.

I took my new bag to the pantomime, a great british tradition (going to pantomimes at christmas that is, not necessarily needing a new bag to go with)! We saw Jack and the Beanstalk at the New Theatre in Cardiff. It was really good and fun to watch, and kept all the children well entertained, Lucie loved it and bounced and clapped all the way through, so it must have been good, to keep an 18 month olds attention for 2 whole hours!! The bag fitted 2 spare nappies, baby wipes, my wallet, phone, 2 large bags of sweets (which I managed not to open!!!) and a bottle of water, not bad eh?? I like to try and downsize what I need to take out with me every now and again.


African Kelli said...

Those bunnies and their bags are fantastic! What a great gift. Homemade gifts are the best.

anamama said...

Glad you all like it. :D