Wednesday, 14 June 2006

the before pic

I need to repaint this old tin bath, we like to use it as a sandpit during the summer months. I was going to throw it out, it was looking very sorry for itself - not even like this when I rediscovered it in the corner of the garden - but full of swampy water, last years sand with a seriously oily decayed-leaf layer, and a few faded plastic toys and spades. It also smelled really bad. I have thought about buying a nice new sandpit, but I am strangely attached to this one, we found the old bath up the mountain behind my old house, just beyond the old stone border wall, and I knew it would make the ideal sandpit. It is a nice size, they can kneel beside it and reach over, and it is also big enough to take one sitting child, or two at a push, if they so desire.

So I am putting it here so that I will get a move on and paint it, Esme is nagging me to hurry up, and telling me we must go and buy new sand from B&Q.

Other garden news, we had a brief visit from Mr Slow-worm yesterday. This will be very unexciting for anyone who doesnt live in the UK, who probably will be used to having lots of scary real snakes and spiders and stuff about the place, sorry! For us, an 8 inch slow worm is a major event. My neighbour spotted him in their garden, and called me and the children round to see him all curled up under a bush. Shortly after, Mr slow worm decided to take off, he struggled across the path, then under the hedge that divides our gardens. Once on our grass he picked up speed and zig-zagged all the way across the garden. The photo isnt very good as his head is blurred, he was moving fast and I was too busy watching him to take photos until he was nearly at the other hedge.

He was cool though, we liked him a lot, hope he decides to live under the bigger hedge he disappeared under, its huge and would make an ideal home, then we may see him again sometime soon.

and the other big news for today...this is my laundry bin....


I know!!!!

a momentous occasion, happens about once a year, I am totally up to date with all my washing. This is pretty impressive stuff you know, and down to all the nice weather we have been having. It is only recently that I have been able to go from 2 laundry bins to just the one. I am so proud!!!! and look, there was even 10p in the bottom, I might go buy myself some sweeties as a reward!


Kristy said...

You'll have to get a 10p mix!Maybe with some jelly snakes!

weirdbunny said...

Did you find all those missing odd socks at the bottom of the laundry bin?!

blackbird said...

I revel in your laundry triumph.

I too am up to date with my laundry this week and posted about it...someone accused me of putting our soiled laundry in the trash!

I believe they were just jealous.