Wednesday, 28 June 2006

blodyn haul

Today Laurie came out of meithrin very proudly carrying this blodyn haul, or sunflower to those of us not fully fluent in welsh. It is quite cool, and big, about 12" across and on a stick, he looks a little worried in the photo doesn't he?? He carried it up the hill then back down the hill then all round town and to the park, then to school and home!!

I think he likes it.

thankfully he forgot about it before bedtime, his big sister always liked to take things like this to bed with her (and therefore with us).

I got a few bits in town, not much exciting, except for these lip balms, look how cute they are:

They are allegedly for my party bag stash, although they are so cute I might have to keep them for myself.


weirdbunny said...

cutie. I can gaurentee I know you weel enought to see those in you handbag as opposed to party bags!!

firstborn said...

too cute!