Saturday, 24 June 2006

Photomarathon day

Today was the day of the photomarathon. Guess what number I was?

I dragged my husband and kids all about Cardiff taking photos. They were really good, the kids, not the photos. I found the experince quite hard, maybe because there were so many of us and we had to make a lot of drink/food/toilet stops, maybe because of the controls on what I must photograph, and in what order, maybe because, when I was taking one photo, my husband posed with my baby for another photographer (!!! whats that all about??? what was he thinking???!!!).

It was fun too though, I am glad I took part, I got a certificate at the end of the day to prove I was there, and in 2 weeks everybodys photographs will be developed by the organisers sponsers, and will be displayed in an exhibition here in the centre of Cardiff, which is pretty exciting.

And just on a totally random note, here is a tiny Simpsons car we saw in one shoppinc centre earlier today.


Ali said...

I'm so glad you entered Hannah! I was telling a friend about you and she thinks a photomarathon would be a great idea for her camera club. If you don't mind me asking, what were the categories/subjects you were given?

Anonymous said...

The car is soooo cute! :D

Gina said...

Let me guess, 405?

firstborn said...

how fun! what a good time you all had!!

:) mary ann

anamama said...

Well done for entering. Where are the photos?

Anonymous said...

Well done you! You will have to remind us again in two weeks or so to check out the exhibition. Great car - will be showing that to my boys tomorrow :)