Sunday, 11 June 2006

not much to photograph by the sea

Been to the coast today, as it has been another lovely sunny day. We drove past a fantastic place on the way called 'Brickability' that had a really cool shaped old building and sign, I attempted to take a pic from the moving car as we sailed around the roundabout, but my camera wasn't up to the job (sometimes I hate digital cameras). So, instead I bring you Sea becoming river(the tide was definitely coming in-and fast) through ferns.

I hope you appreciate this rather mundane pic, I sat down on a rock to take it, fell off sideways and landed in a pile of stinging nettles, ouch. All my husband did was laugh at me, hhrmph.

There was very little to photograph today.

The sea was looking very uninspiring and murky, the waves were big but brown and muddy looking so I could not bring myself to photograph them. So I didn't.

On the photographic front though, I was very excited yesterday to see a poster advertising the UK photomarathon which is taking place in Cardiff (!!!) in 2 weeks time. I would really love to join this, although I have a dilemma as the date clashes with another thing in my diary, and I am undecided as to which to do.

New swap alert!!! I just found this magazine swap on cotton strudel via domesticali and have signed up, I love magazines, especially craft ones and house ones. We dont get many good craft magazines here, though there are a lot of cardmaking ones other crafts seem to suffer at their expense. There are some nice knitting magazines though. hope I will be able to find something nice for my swap partner. sign ups end monday so not long until the swap is underway, rush on over there, go on!!!


weirdbunny said...

I saw that brickability sign too, taking Gwenny too Brownie camp. now all those John Raymond trucks have gone it's visible. I can guess by that river photo what beach you've bean too as well! I thought about that magazine swap, but they are heavy to send abroad. I think british magazines are the best anyway, well apart from all things weird and japanese!!!!!

Lindsey said...

I rushed on over like you said yet again I have managed to miss a swap! I would have loved that! Nevermind I will keep on searching for a swap (that doesn't involve crafty things!) Thanks for the alert anyway. The nettles made me laugh :)

Ali said...

That photomarathon thingy sounds really good fun. Shame if you can't do it.

Thanks for the link by the way!