Thursday, 1 June 2006

Blooms in June

Its that post-may dead flowers point in my house right now, all the flowers bought for my birthday and anniversary are well past their best, yet they sit around in their vases still as I am too lazy to throw them away, and it always looks so bare when they are gone. These on my computer table have been feeling my pity especially though, I spend so much time sitting right next to them, so I made these:

(please excuse the awful not enough light/too much flash issues in todays photos, they look much better in natural light).

(note 06:05:06: I have now put a better photo on flickr.)

-I am quite proud of the speech bubble in the first photo as I am clueless with photoshop but managed to work this out myself.

We have had a nice day today, I took the children on the train with my friend and her two children to Cafe Junior in Cardiff. It is a fantastic place, its a large cafe/playland with big comfy sofas and nice wooden chairs for parents to relax in, and then a whole load of wooden toys, dressing-up clothes, fabric playhouses and stylish ride-ons to keep the children amused. We stayed for hours, luckily it was really quiet, as the nice weather had led most people to go further afield, and our 5 kids played happily. We relaxed and chatted on the leather sofas and drank fruit frappes and americano coffee. Lovely.

As we were walking back to the train station my friend noticed a little Japanese food store, very exciting, we bought the children green melon ice lollies and I bought these Hello Kitty bubblegums, and there were many more goodies there which I will look forward to next visit, as our cake and coffee lifestyle had spent up all the rest of my cash!


ilr said...

I love the flowers. Great colours. Are they felt?

weirdbunny said...

Hope you threw away those flowers from your kitchen window sill too!! Great new eternal flowery flowers!! save some hello kitty sweets for me!!

hannah said...

yes, they are felt, with button centres!!

Mirre said...

What a great idea... they look wonderful!!