Thursday, 22 June 2006

lovely latest buy

This is Isobel number 31 by theblackappleand she is mine! I really love Emilys collage work and am so glad I have been able to get one. She really matches my dining room, which also houses the computer, so might live in here, or maybe in Esmes new room.

Here are some other lovely things I have been looking at online recently.

Re.Bites beautiful silver brooches, and she will make up brooches personally to your specifications from the examples given, you can pick the felt colour and so on.

natascha rosenbergs red riding hood picture in a box, I am really into red riding hood at the moment, and love this. A bit out of my price range though I am sad to say.

And as for these kids clothes from Farbenmix, I am so in love with these, I have just ordered a dress pattern and a few notions from her, but I dont know where to begin to make something as fantastic as these. Janina is so talented!


ilr said...

Isabel loves Isobel. Great buy. Feel envious.

Gina said...

Oh I can see why, that is so super sweet. And thank you for sharing those wonderful links with us!

firstborn said...

how cool! i love this artist>>> i have a couple of black apple's cards!

lucky you!!

& thanks for your kind & sweet comments on my blog feeling better...*smile*

:) mary ann