Sunday, 18 June 2006

Lucies first birthday

today my little girl is one year old. Here are some photos. (as blogger has been down and it is late, i will add more words tomorrow.) (- how do I strike throuugh my words???)

This photo was set up, as Lucie was actually not interested at all in any presents, no not even the wrapping paper or bows. Her brother and sister, on the other hand, were more than happy to take care of the present opening, as you can see by the ripped off corner already.

I made and iced the cake myself, it turned out quite well.

a little friend helps with the blowing out.

Lucie enjoying eating the contents of the sandpit -and no I haven't got round to painting it yet!

a party bag moment. I went overboard and made calico bags with retro applique and gingham ribbon, more pics in my flickr pages.

mum always tidies up for me! don't look at the mess of my kitchen, I could blam ethe party, but to be honest it always looks like that.


Gina said...

How beautiful. I love her little green dress and the pink flower. Her cake is fabulous! Your little one looks so happy!

Ali said...

Fab cake - and matching badge! I'm a huge fan of attention to detail where birthday parties are concerned. Many Happy Returns Lucie.

hannah said...

The flower on her dress is appliqued on, complete coincidence that it matched the cake flowers so well!!

weirdbunny said...

Happy birthday lucie, did you make the cake hannah? It looks groovy!

Gina said...

Wow! They really do look perfect together.

Dawn said...

Love the cake! My kids were lucky to get one in a 13x9 pan with m&ms in the shape of the age number...I am cake decorater challenged!

firstborn said...

how "one-derfully" delightful!