Thursday, 14 September 2006

little flying bear

I made this little fellow over the last two nights while watching Spaced. this is a uk sitcom that it a few years old now, we had never seen it before but Andrew wanted to watch it after renting Shaun of the Dead a couple of months ago. So, He bought the (limited special edition - rolls eyes) DVD of the complete collection, and we are watching one episode a night until we have seen them all. I am quite enjoying it too, well worth a watch for a laugh if you see it going cheap somewhere.

Anyway, back to the bear. He is from my Japanese pattern book (must buy another soon) and I always liked the look of him. I am pleased that he turned out well, though he is pretty small. I used the totally worst fabric ever, it looks nice, but frays like crazy and is hard to sew with a small seam and turn through the little fiddly pieces. Please excuse the pyjamas and the ambient lighting, but does anyone else do it like this?

yes that is a screwdriver, I usually use a knitting needle, but I found this to work better for stuffint the litttlest bits, as the head seems to grip the stuffing.

Anyway, I had an idea for taking his picture with sky behind him, it just about worked I think.

Though you do get a slight reflection, have you guessed it, I used a mirror on the ground pointing skywards. You can also angle the mirror for surreal effects, see below. Now I am quite aware that I could do this better with photoshop, but it is more fun to have a direct photo with no doctoring, don't you think?

Theres another little bear here that I think is pretty cute, and there are other projects too, no patterns as such but the instructions are there (in japanese), mostly pages from Cotton time and similar I think. And how excited am I?? I noticed when visiting te other day that Kittycraft has moved to the UK! The website and shop isn't up and running properly yet, but when it is all I can say is, joint bank balance beware!!


mig bardsley said...

Love the flying clever of you. It makes a really good shot :)
(And what a marvellous sky for him :)

Gina said...

That's the sweetest little fella! Adorable!

Kirsten said...

Love the bear. Meant to tell you at school this morning and then this afternoon. Sorry forgot! lol

weirdbunny said...

Love the sky effect Hannah!

Anonymous said...

marvelous and have lovely pics here :)
-Marjorie Ann

Jorth said...

I like him, I like him a lot! Does he have a name?