Monday, 4 September 2006

Tent envy

today as I was hanging my tent in the stairwell to dry off (it is pretty dry, but I wanted to make sure) I remembered some photos I took at Greenbelt over the bank-holiday weekend (we went there right before going to west wales). Greenbelt is a christian festival and it is really fun, we have been going for the last 3 years as a family. before that I have been several other times as a teenager and in my student days with Andrew before we were married.

It is different to go with children, the bands are not so important, and I think now we even get a more whole feel of the festival. The kids love it, there is a great atmosphere and it is a nice 'safe' festival to take them to. We went last year too when Lucie was only 10 weeks old.

so, some highlights, Laurie liked the bubble stall best, Esme liked it a lot too. We saw some singers/bands like Cara Dillon, Brian Houston, the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain, Daniel Beddingfield (who we saw just because hes famous) Courtney PIne (I dont really do Jazz but hes famous too) plus others, a kids show called 'Dont let the pigeon drive the bus'(and we didnt), and a big-outdoor screening of Wallace and Gromits curse of the were-rabbit with Nick Park the writer there for questions after. there didnt seem to be so much geared for kids show wise this year, and not much walkabout acts, which is a shame.

The merchandise for the festival was cool this year, i bought this little softie from the greenbelt shop, he is fairtrade from the people tree, although I cant find any toys on their website.

and some cool pin badges and some little comic books about trees. (they might have been from the festival theme for last year???)

I like this one for its kawaii cuteness, the rabbit on the left is saying to Jesus 'and then they laughed at me because of my teeth'
Greenbelt is a lot about fairtrade and living in the right way for the world and for other people, as well as for God. It is always challenging.

and getting back to tents, out tent is boring and green and grey, but I wish it looked like this one that pitched across from us,

or even better, like one of these!

hmmm, if we were rich... oh well, more camping next year no doubt in our boring green and grey tent.


Anonymous said...

Wow Greenbelt!That brings back teenage memories I didn't even realise it was still going!

Anonymous said...

As we bought a tent earlier this year, we nearly went to Greenbelt as we thought the boys would love it - but then decided to use our pennies to go camping and pop along to the Red Bull air races at Longleat! Great christian parents we are eh?

I love the picture of the that tent. Is sure looks like Cath Kidson? I'm holding out for a kidson tent in the sale :)

Sounds like you all had fun!

Anonymous said...

I feel a fabric paint on canvas moment coming on. uch more original than a 'look how much money I spent on my Cath Kidson' variety!

And I love the little face on that softie too.

anamama said...

Seems like you had a great time. Would like to hear from you through yahoo some time this week, I hope! XXX to all

weirdbunny said...

a tee pee is a definate for family camp next year !!

weirdbunny said...

a tee pee is a definate for family camp next year !!