Saturday, 2 September 2006

one last paddle

and then home. This is a rare photo of me (I try to avoid the front end of cameras) and Lucie at Broadhaven yesterday. It was a lovely sunny day, the first, I think, since we arrived in west wales on Tuesday, so we spent it at the beach.

...and now the summer is nearly over. the kids keep asking 'are we going camping again?...' I have very few pics (read that as none) of the last few days as it has been so wet and no one wants to photograph or see pics of wet muddy fields and tents do they? And we did have a great fun trip round the farm belonging to the farmer whose field we were camping in, but I forgot to take my camera, silly me. Think lots of cows (lots of cows in the rain) and you will get the general idea.

back to school next tuesday (small shouts of hurray from mothers across the country). and back in our own beds now, aaahhh. it is nice to sleep in my own bed again - sign of my age I think. Well, I must go and put another load of washing in, I will leave you with a few more beach pics, the last one is an action shot of wellies filling with water, a small misjudgement on my part as to where it would be safe to leave our shoes.


anamama said...

Love the pictures. Is Lucie walking now?

laura capello said...

LOVE your dress!