Sunday, 17 September 2006

Margam day trip

can I have some more of that nice long grass from your side of the fence?

Yesterday me and Hubby took the kids to Margam park, near Swansea. We have never been before, despite it being less than an hours car ride away. Its pretty good and there are lots of things to do, it has a farm trail, a castle, a wooden play-fort, a train (which wasnt running) and lots of space just to run about, with lots of trees to hide behind. no more conkers though, we found one tree but it was the other side of a stream and they looked too green to be ready to fall yet. The kids loved that we could get so close to the animals, and they were all really friendly.

Margam Castle

lots of steps leading up to it, but you couldnt go in and it seemed empty inside, pretty grand looking though.

And while I remember, look at the fantastic baby leg warmers I got for Lucie in Cardiff on friday!! I went for shoes, I came back with rainbow legwarmers, that seems fine to me. They withstood crawling around the woodchip-covered play area so they must be good.

Heres some of the animals we saw. although it appears we only took photos of Lucie, I can assure you the other two were with us as well, just managed to avoid being in shot.


large Boar, 'ssshhhh' he's sleeping (and snoring, loudly)

Hiya goat, nice house

baby ostriches

Eagle owl (Huge, and very close, stared a bit with her massive eyes)

There were also many sculptures around the place, in stone, metal, and wood. I liked this owly one, he is a bit the worse for wear, but pretty cool don't you think?

Afterwards we went swimming an Averavon, well, I say we, Andrew walked into a signpost on the way there (dont ask) so due to a bleeding gash and possible concussion I wouldnt let him come in the water. Theres a great pool there though, I am sure we will go again soon.

oh yeah, and we ate at macdonalds, it was awful, and the kids now have these horrible things that play pop music by some unfamous band repetitively over and over.

said toys are going to get lost during school tomorrow.


weirdbunny said...

Oh Hannah you can tell your not welsh, it's spelt, Aberavon!!!!

I have to say I loved my mc donalds staurday night after swimming at, here it is again Aberavon. However the woman put harldy any icecream in my Mcflurry. When I said to her that the ice cream was rather lacking in ice cream, she got really stropy with me telling me that's the correct amount! Boo Hoo mc donalds woman that's what I say....

Anonymous said...

Julia is so funny correcting your spelling!

Looks like a great day out. Lucie's leg warmers are fantastic - do you remember the days when we thought they were fab?

We have those annoying things to from Mackie D's - but they are restricted to the bedroom!

elizabeth said...

that first picture cracks me for the happy beginning to a monday.

love the blog :)

African Kelli said...

Such sweet animals coupled by even sweeter leg warmers. A great day indeed!

Berber said...

It looks like a wonderful place :))
Love the leg warmers!!

rachel said...

Great photos...the first one surprized me and I laughed as it loaded. It sounds like you had a great day.

Randi said...

The first picture in this post is just too funny!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh McDonalds. Evil food. Not been there for ages, G has put them on the banned list. :-( Love McDonalds.