Monday, 6 March 2006

birds on a wire

How cool are these pegs that look like birds??? I have just ordered some from wheredidyoubuythat so I will be the envy of all my neighbours. Not yet, but in a month or so when it stops snowing and gets warm enough to hang washing out to dry.

I am really into birds, bird patterns and designs at the moment. I can't wait to get my camera back, I have just finished knitting a bird out of torn fabric strips and will be able to post a picture in a few days.

I am really excited about Super Eggplants' candyswappers, I joined up yesterday, and as a total chocoholic it sounds like such a fun swap. It is also a good excuse to remind myself of my favourite chocolate and sweets (through a little sampling, of course). I bought some chocolate today that is 86% Cocoa, I was impressed by the high cocoa content, and of course if it is too bitter to eat alone I will just have to make cake with it.

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