Thursday, 23 March 2006

Bunny in a hurry

I have had over a week to sort out my daughters costume for her Easter concert next week. As usual I have left it to the last minute. So, tonights challenge is can I turn this little lot into a bunny costume???

The answer, of course I can!!

It did mean staying up until 3am though (I didnt start until 9pm by the time the children were in bed, and had to stop to watch desperate housewives of course). By the time I had finished the head, my enthusiasm had waned somwhat, so some of the sewing and general makeup of the body is a bit iffy. I hope it will do, when all the children are standing in the hall everyone is squished together, so its the head that counts!! Esme approved and skipped happily to school with it this morning.


Kristy said...

I'm sure she'll look beautiful.What a dedicated Mummy to stay up til 3am!I couldn't if I tried!!

myra said...

Wow!! It looks great! I've pulled a 9 to 3 on occasion as well. It looks like it was absolutely worth it!