Wednesday, 8 March 2006

rain rain go away

It has done nothing but rain here today. AIthough it has been warmer, I wish it would be dry and cold not wet and mild. I guess we should expect this wet blustery weather now it is March. I have not done much, I walked around town for a bit and bought some pink things, a new spotty oilcloth for my table and a pink washing up bowl (my husband will be pleased - washing up is his job!). The bowl will go really well with these fantastic scourers I got from Tescos of all places, and they were only 63p for 6!!!

I also wanted to get some daffodils to brighten up my house, after seeing Yarnstorms lovely vaseful. I did have some growing in pots but when I went away at half term they didn't get watered so the heat and dehydration killed them. Anyway, they weren't so cheap so I decided to leave it until another day. It would have been a challenge to carry them, as I was already struggling with a pushchair with a toddler in, a baby in a sling, an umbrella and a large pink washing up bowl walking home in the wind and rain.

Desperate Housewives is on in twenty minutes, so I just have time enough to get a drink and a slice of the banana cake I made this evening and sit down with my nearly finished project.

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