Thursday, 2 March 2006

free is even better than thrifted

When we moved into the house we live in now, almost 3 years ago, the previous owner left many possessions for us (a bit of a surprise, on moving day when we thought the house would be empty). This was a little annoying, as I was 35 weeks pregnant and in no mood for such complications. Most of the stuff was junk, old cards (his brother had a market stall), music magazines piled to waist height in 70's wardrobes upstairs, and so on. But there were some gems amongst the rubbish, a fantastic shaped chair, which I must photograph and show you another day, speakers which my husband quickly grabbed (he loves anything with wires) and an old Singer sewing machine.

Unfortunately the machine was in a wooden box, locked, and had no key. I was excited about its contents, but soon had more pressing concerns as my son was born early, just 9 days after we moved in, and the sewing machine went into the attic. A few weeks ago, I discovered a newish friend from school who I have become good friends with has a similar boxed machine...with a key! I borrowed the key and LOOK what was inside!!!

I was reminded of my machine after reading this post from Moopy + Me a few days ago and wondering if her thrifted machine was the same model, but I think they are a bit different, on closer inspection. I have no idea how to thread the thing up, it seems complicated, so if anyone out there can give me any advice that would be great!

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megan said...

How cool! What a wonderful treasure!