Friday, 17 March 2006

the doll is finished but spring is not here

She was supposed to be a quick project while it was still cold and snowy, and her completion was meant to bring with it milder days, spring flowers, fluffy chicks and lambs and such, you get the picture.

so, why is it still snowing???

We went out to get branches for the Easter tree yesterday anyway, even though it was freezing. The children have just been helping me to decorate it with the ornaments from previous years, some bought and some that I have made.

I couldn't take a good photograph of the whole thing as the light is bad, and getting worse, and my garden out of the window in the background is really scruffy looking at the moment. So, here is an idea of what it is like, Maybe I will try to get a better picture another day. The branches are pussy willow, we happily stumbled across the trees on some local tumbledown housing plot last year, so we returned this year (secateurs in pocket!!) to gather more.

My friend gave me the little yellow birds last year, aren't they cool? I do have some more wooden beads to paint, and also some more, bigger branches currently up in my bathroom, which I think I will get the kids to make some decorations for. I like spring decorations, they cheer up the house, and encourage us to think of the warmer spring and summer days ahead.

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Kristy said...

Lovely tree!That little doll is so cute!