Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Twirly whirly scarf knit

While we were away last weekend I knitted this scarf. I am quite proud of it as I am really no knitter, and I finished it in one evening. It is not as impressive as it seems, though, as it is knit with special yarn that makes the swirly frills. knitting with this yarn takes a little getting used to, but is good fun, and it grows really fast!!

This is the yarn I used, 'Knitit' by Wendy, I only photographed one ball, although I ended up going back to the shop (A great little craft shop in Llandudno) and buying a second ball to make the scarf nice and long. I used one and a half balls, and the scarf goes round my neck 2-3 times. The yarn is lovely and soft and not too heavy. I have enjoyed wearing it this week, although the children really like playing with it and I have to keep pinching it back out of the toybox!

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