Monday, 5 June 2006

knifty knitting

I have been playing about with this birthday present I had from my mum-in-law, a knifty knitter! It is basically a small knitting loom, and you can make all sorts of things with looms, like hats, socks, scarves and so on. Its a bit like the french knitting you may remember from childhood using a cotton reel with nails in, but with more pegs.

I do have difficulty maintaning concentration with crafts involving yarn, so this is good as it is for small projects.

talking of small projects, may I present the knitted bangle ta da!

Made from gorgeous local welsh Colinette yarn, But I want to make some more of these using this 100% wool yarn (the other is 50% cotton/50% wool mix) and then felt them, I think they will be fab!!


Amy said...

I have that same attention span problem myself. Can't wait to see some felted bangles!!

weirdbunny said...

Brilliant, I wondered what kinda stuff it would make. I'll look forward to having one..!!

ellia said...

happy belate birthday!!! do you like the knifty knitter! i've been eyeing it up for awhile