Monday, 11 September 2006

Big wedding day

We had a lovely time at the wedding on Saturday, The sun shone to order, and it was so nice to see friends and family who rarely get together, being spread across the country. Jenny looked fantastic and her dress was beautiful, it had an antique lace 'overcoat' (I am sure that it is not called that!) with a train and was so detailed I just wanted to stare at the intricate pattern.
My brother Andrew looked pretty good too (Im not going to say that too loud though in case he hears!!).

The wedding was very calm and relaxing, Everything happened at the same place, the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception were all in the hotel, so it meant no rushing around which was lovely. Even my Mum managed to stay looking calm! She did all the flowers too and they looked fantastic, she is very clever. I dont think I got any decent pics of the flowers though, I had battery issues with my camera all day. Heres my mum (I forgot to put her on flickr, where there are more photos should you need to see any more!).

The kids had a great time too and stayed up way into the night, here they are with some wedding bubbles.

Theres no pictures of me, at least not on my camera, so you can't see my hat! I will scout around and see if anyone else took any.


laura capello said...

It is so wonderful when wedding days are a celebration and fun, not stressful and fully of anxiety.

Berber said...

It sounds like a wonderful day!!

weirdbunny said...

Oh Hannah, I forgot your mother. When you talked about yout brothers wedding your mum didn't even enter my head. But of course she'd be there being his mother too !! Oh you know my brain it doesn't always work !!!!!

rachel said...

...from the few pictures I see must have been a beautiful wedding! Classy mum, too! :o)

Anonymous said...

Aforementioned groom here. Well I have to saw reading my sister's description of the day to you all has made me really quite emotional! She has certained relayed a bit of the atmosphere to the rest of the world. Hope you enjoyed reading about it and thank you for the best wishes. Married life is a doddle - holidays, presents etc etc
If you've read the 'elder brother' blog, you'll know that this thread has been far and away the nicest thing she's ever said about me.

I'll try and find a pic of 'the hat' or anything else vaguely interesting.

Anonymous said...

Well after reading Hannah's lovely comments and seeing the piccies it brought it all back whilst I am sitting at work staring out at a wet and windy Friday....

Thanks for all the lovely comments, it really was a fantastic day, would do it all again tomorrow and the next day...!!!

Jen xxxx